So - guily pleasure alert: I love those jailhouse-documentary-ish shows. You know the ones I mean? There's Lockup on MSNBC, Beyond Scared Straight on A&E and Jail on Spike. Tonight we found another one - Cellblock 6: Female Lock Up on TLC.

The people in these shows are just fascinating to me, especially the women. How does one find oneself in jail? I mean, yeah, hitting your spouse or selling drugs or stealing something - but what leads up to that? There was a moment when each of these people crossed the line into criminal behavior. How does that happen?

This girl on tv now - she was arrested for passing bad checks, possession of marijuana and theft. She has "Kevin" tattooed under her right eye. Under her eye! She's 25 and has a 6 year old son. I just don't understand it. How??

Their stories are all similar and sad. Some talk about how much they hate jail/prison and how they're going to do whatever it takes to never go back in. Others worry that they've been incarcerated too long and will never be able to function once they are released. I can't help but wonder about those seconds right before the line was crossed - do they ever think about that moment?

- Antiope

11/18/2011 10:39:16 am

Honestly, I think most crimes are done out of either being drunk, drugged or pure desperation. In any of those three instances, rational thought flies right out the window...

9/24/2012 01:27:46 pm

Thanks for details


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