Not away in real life, but away from this blog (but you already knew that). I did try to post something yesterday, but Weebly (my blog host) wasn't working and I couldn't log in. Before that I was working on a mini-journal post of my first week without shampoo, but then it got too boring so I scrapped it.

The cliff-notes version of my shampoo-less week: awesome. It's now been 11 days without shampoo; I'm never going back!

What else did I do?
Drove to NY to visit J and Mer, took the train into the city and went on the Martha Stewart Show (in the audience, not as a guest). Had cheesecake for breakfast and two kinds of crepes for lunch.

Started the first group of seeds for the mega-garden: 2 kinds of onions, 3 kinds of peppers, eggplant and celery.

Picked out colors for the baby's room and watched T put them on the walls (I only changed my mind about one of the colors = not too bad). Also got him curtains, a ceiling fan and a lamp.

Broke the nail on my left middle finger for about the thousandth time (always the same nail).

Coming up:
- OB appointment tomorrow
- NJ baby shower Friday
- work on Valentine's Day :(
- Atlantic City for work Feb 26/27
- 36 days until baby

I'm exhausted. Sleep time.

- Antiope

2/9/2011 04:05:50 am

i liked that post. especially cause you haven't had one in a while....
and there was plenty of interesting things going on
thank you for posting hunny... i loved it!!!

2/10/2011 04:53:06 am

Er...if you're not using shampoo...what ARE you using?

Are you going to tell us what colors you picked for Austins room? And did you go pick up the final gift from WallyWorld?

2/10/2011 08:25:39 am

Theseus - you're sweet. Love you. :)

Angel - I've been using baking soda and water for the "wash" and apple cider vinegar and water for the "rinse". It sounds like it would be weird but my hair is seriously awesome. I've always had really oily, limp hair - since I switched to the baking soda/apple cider vinegar, it's like I have someone else's hair. Full of body, no oil. I'll admit, it's a little crunchy-granola-hippie to make your own hair products, but whatever - I love my new hair!

Austin's room is painted (T just finished it today, actually) and is in the process of being accessorized (curtains, etc). I'm going to send pics to Theseus tomorrow, then I'll post them here (I want him to see if first). It came out even better than I imagined it would. I think you all will really like it. :) And I'm going to pick up the last gift either tomorrow or Saturday; school kept me really busy this week. Did you get my card?

2/11/2011 04:35:23 am

I'm very excited to see the room!
I'm also doing the baking soda and vinegar but I think I need a better measuring system because my hair always smells like vinegar. Vinegar hair =
husband repellent! So we don't want that. I agree on the feeling fuller though.
Do we seriously start growing plants already?

2/11/2011 10:39:52 am

Yes, I got your card, thank you :) - I know you're really busy but try not to wait too much longer to pick the last gift up, they only hold it for so long...I don't remember how long though.

2/12/2011 06:16:53 am

Meg - It took me a couple tries to get the apple cider vinegar-smell under control. If I just use one tablespoon with a little over a cup of water and make sure I rinse it out really well, you can't smell it at all once I get out of the shower. I was using too much before, I think.

Angel - I'm going to pick it up tomorrow or Monday. The email I got said I have until the 25th, but I'm finally starting to put his room together so I want to have everything all in one place (instead of scattered all around the house like it is right now).


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