There is always a possibility that I will die alone in my house (from starvation or overexertion due to something strenuous like vacuuming) and be eaten by cats, but I assure you, this has not happened to me (yet).

One of the following things did happen to me, though. I'll let you decide which one it was:

(a) I fell asleep and woke up and it was a week later
(b) aliens took me on a vacation in their spaceship
(c) I was kidnapped by pirates
(d) I was doing something super-important that took up all of my time
(e) I was too lazy to post anything

But now I'm done being asleep/in space/kidnapped/important/too lazy, so I will try to start posting regularly again. I might even post some holiday photos.


- Antiope

12/23/2010 08:26:11 am

I think an alien took you on vaction in his spaceship, and made you help him buy Christmas presents.

12/23/2010 05:05:36 pm

ok i'm thinking either pirates or aliens.....

i belieeeeeeeeeve

too lazy
final answer!!

12/23/2010 11:17:50 pm

Those aren't even real choices. We all know what it was. :-)


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