I got a lot done today, I think.
- wrote checks for all the bills and got them into the mail
- packed up all the Halloween stuff and put it back in the attic (sad face)
- did three loads of laundry and got another two ready to go for tomorrow (before you think I'm gross, I stripped both beds in my house completely and added the bath towels)
- opened all the windows for a few hours to let in some fresh air
- cleaned out my car
- took out the trash
- painted two of my toenails (then got interrupted; I'll finish them later)
- swept and cleaned the guest bathroom
- made a vet appointment for the last wild kitten
- ran updates on my computer (finally...)
- put away the clean dishes
- watered all the plants
- organized my shoes (four new ones from this weekend!)
- charged my iPod

Well, maybe not a lot, but a lot for me, and a lot for me lately.

Tomorrow will be busy, too. I have the vet appointment in the morning, then J's going away party (very sad face), somehow have to fit in Algebra homework and the other loads of laundry, and try to get the master bathroom cleaned. I've been staring at the hard water marks on the shower door for long enough.

And now - some Jimmy Buffett for you!
[skip ahead to :38 for the beginning of the song]

- Antiope

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