Ok, so, maybe yesterday was just a fluke? *crosses fingers* Today I feel LOADS better. I even managed to put on a bra and some mascara.
I think sleeping in as long as I did may have helped. It was nice and cool in the bedroom and the sheets felt soft and wonderful. I stayed in bed until about 10:30, when I could no longer ignore my cats walking across my back and meowing at me, but I got up feeling genuinely refreshed. That might have been the first good night's sleep I've had since Theseus left.
Once I got up, I puttered around for awhile, then tried to make an appointment with my provider, which would lead to a referal to an OB/GYN. However, the Tricare people fouled up the paperwork and told me I had to come back to their office before they would fix it. By the time I got there (an hour after I hung up the phone), the only person who can fix the problem had gone home for the day. I'd been told to ask for her specifically. It was 1:30.

As I was already out that way, I decided to swing by my college's satellite campus to try again to make an appointment to register for classes. I have left two messages with them already this week. The woman I spoke to was pleasant and made an appointment for me to register tomorrow at 10:00. So that was good.

Then on to the commissary - I figured I'd pick up a dish of their fresh vegetarian sushi (it's actually not bad) for lunch. I got to the counter and the sushi chefs told me they were out of veggies. I bought some fruit and went home.

One out of three today.


After I'm done registering tomorrow, I'm going to finish up tidying the house and try my hand at making iced tea. I've had a box of honey vanilla chamomile sitting on my counter for a month, begging to be brewed. I was going to save it for the fall (who wants to drink hot tea when it's 90 degrees outside?) but I think it will be nice as iced tea. I even bought some raspberries today to throw in. There's a definite possibility it might be a disaster, but we'll see. :)

Speaking of homemade beverages, I am really missing Theseus's homemade lemonade! Even though it's actually more expensive to buy the lemons and make your own lemonade than it is to buy a carton from the store (not to mention waaaaayyy more time consuming), I'm convinced there is no lemonade on the planet more delicious than Theseus's. Can't wait to gulp a few glasses next summer.

- Antiope

8/4/2010 11:52:11 am

Seriously? A sux fan? Uggh... have fun with John Benedict Arnold Lackey and that bloated contract...

Anyway, I appreciate your comment on my blog and I would love to know all you have to say. With specific examples and fake names. :)

As for the baby stuff, good luck. My wife gave birth two weeks into my stop lossed tour and I didn't meet my son until he was 14 months old. You could say that my wife had a difficult first year with him.

As for the classes, hang up the phone and literally walk into the school. Play Private again, ask questions and for someone to direct you around. Then go home and enroll online. But make sure you meet up with the financial aid and VA people to get your paperwork in.

- Jason


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