We picked him up from the airport last night... it's so nice to have him here again.

Today we hung around the house but actually got a lot done: we decided on an outfit for the baby to come home in, set up the changing table/bassinet, separated all his accessories into "stuff we need now" and "stuff we'll need later," and put together all his "now" accessories. This took several hours, but I'm feeling pretty good now that everything is all set up.

Tomorrow we're going to pick up the last few things we need from Baby's R Us and get Theseus some new shoes and a couple new outfits. He went through his closet today and decided he doesn't want a whole bunch of shirts and jeans, so now of course he needs new things. :)

Sunday through Tuesday we'll be in Atlantic City.

Wednesday we meet the baby!

After waiting for months (and months... and months...) I can't believe it's all really here. :)

- Antiope

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