Ok, I have to do something today. This place is getting out of control.
If I do just one thing each day (in addition to general household chores), someday my house will be organized efficiently, right? Right?!?

...would you believe, that after a full year of living in this house, there are still some boxes we have not opened? One the one hand, we've lived a year without whatever is in them, so they can't be that important, right? But then again, opening these mystery boxes is a little like finding buried treasure - it might be amazing, it might be a bunch of junk.

We have a lot of things, some things I don't even remember buying or where they came from. Lately I am feeling overwhelmed by all of these things. Too many things to take care of. Put yourselves back in the attic, Halloween decorations! Get in the cupboards yourselves, mismatched dishware! Turn yourselves into something useful, random assorted craft supplies! Leave me alone so I can procrastinate on my homework and drink too much tea.

This post makes no sense. You see? I can't even organize my own thoughts. Time to eat and throw something away.

- Antiope

11/9/2010 08:24:05 am

Totally can sympathize with you. We have an entire room in our house stuffed with things we don't use. It's been over a year we've been in this house too.


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