We are not out of the woods yet, but we are getting there. Today I cleared another hurdle. Theseus has been clearing hurdles of his own as well. Continue to keep your fingers crossed for us, please.

Somewhat related: poison ivy is no longer itchy/terrible, now just a small group of discolored blotches on my forearm. Unless you are looking closely, you might not even notice them. Hopefully they will vanish completely in the coming week - we have a wedding to go to next weekend! (Which is also our 5 year anniversary.) I have nothing to wear. Jeans are probably out of the question, right?

Additional, somewhat related: vicious cold is going away, albiet s--l--o--w--l--y. I'm now weaning myself off the NyQuil addiction I developed. (kidding)
So I have drill this weekend, but it's only a one-day drill, which makes it a little less horrible. Still - yuck.

Hmm, what else? Theseus and I made Christmas decorations this week. It was our mental-breakdown-prevention moment: we needed to do something mindless and stupid and totally irrelevant, or else we were going to crack under the pressure of being responsible adults/parents and axe each other to death (not really, but maybe). It was actually pretty awesome; we both felt a lot better afterward. And now we have some silly Christmas decorations made of the Christmas cards I'd been saving for no good reason.

Austin is doing great, getting bigger by the second. He outgrew several outfits just this week. He's laughing so much and making all sorts of crazy sounds now. He loves when the cats come over to inspect him - his face lights up and he tries to talk to them. One cat will even allow Austin to pet him, even though "pet" is really "grab a handful of fur/flesh and squeeze." I'm trying to teach him how to properly pet a cat but progress is slow. He's also happy to chew on anything he can get his hands on, and will gnaw on your shoulder/knee/hand/cheek if you aren't paying attention. Little piranha.

He's doing better at day care, also. They send him home with sweet little "report cards," which list the times/frequencies of his meals, naps and diapers - and a list of the activities he "participated" in, such as watched teacher mix red and orange paint and looked at a book with teacher. I actually look forward to him getting a little bigger so he can play with the other babies. Is that crazy? :)

Well I guess that's it. I've been trying to finish this post for the last two hours and I keep getting distracted by the television.

Oh one other thing, completely unrelated: if you have some time to spare (as in, about 2-3 hours), do check out this delightful series over on Slate. It's a 5-article piece about some early 1900s student records from the Manhattan Trade School for Girls. I have been eagerly eating up each installment this week (the last installment was published this morning) and am terribly sad to see it end. These records reveal so much not only about the girls who attended the school, but also about the time period they lived in. Absolutely fascinating. As you are reading it (I hope you are!), don't neglect to click on the little blue camera icons that are scattered throughout the text - they will open photos of the student records. Some of these photos will have an arrow on the right side so you can scroll to the rest of the record. Love love love it.

Ta ta!

- Antiope

9/23/2011 12:59:54 pm

I wish you'd let me know whats going on that's put you in such a state of ...well now, non-panic, it seems. I'm worried about you guys....


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