I know I've kept you waiting - sorry!! Things have been hectic around here.

But I'm happy to present... the freshly-painted nursery!
I'd always liked the idea of having stripes on the walls. I think stripes break up the monotony of solidly painted walls (eventually none of the walls in our house will be solid; another story for another time) and stripes are fun and energetic - perfect for a kid's bedroom.

I also don't care for pastels or neutrals on the walls.

So, with those two general ideas in mind...

Step 1: planning. Here's the vague outline of how I wanted the walls to look, using a pillow I'd found at Pier 1 Imports for color inspiration. The boxed off area on the far right is the edge of the window.
Step 2: let's see what it looks like! It's only paint, right?
Step 3: are these the right colors? Starting to have some doubts about that orange...
Step 4: a plan coming together. Yeah, um, about that orange stripe... it has to go. Decided that the green we used in our dining room would be the replacement. Thanks, T, for being so patient with me!
Step 5: while I was at school... T made the rest of the nursery appear. Like magic!
Three walls are striped - the wall with the closet (right of top photo), the wall with the window (right of middle photo) and the wall with the door (left of bottom photo). Didn't T do an amazing job?! The wall behind the crib is solid brown so we will have a place to hang pictures, artwork, etc. I have 8-inch wooden letters spelling A-U-S-T-I-N that need to be painted, then they'll go on the solid wall as well. The trim will get completed once Theseus is home.

Step 6: furniture. I wish I'd taken "before" photos of the night stand and dresser. But even still, you can't help but be blown away by how beautiful his furniture came out!
Those were formerly yard sale furniture, lightly stained wood with dings and nicks in the surfaces. They are obviously not from the same set - they didn't even come from the same yard sale. I think the colors and the knobs really tie them together, though. I (expletive) love them!!

These design/color ideas were living in my brain, but they never would have escaped if it were not for T. He deserves most of the credit, for making the nursery happen and for doing such a professional, high-quality job. That sounds sappy but I mean it. The room is stunning. Thanks, T. :)

I'll (try to) post some more photos in the coming weeks as I move Austin's things in there and get everything organized.

Four more weeks. So excited!
2/15/2011 08:06:55 am

I love it! Especially the brown. One of my favorite colors that hardly anyone uses on walls. T did an awesome job!

2/17/2011 11:02:54 pm

i am COMPLETELY speechless
the room looks amazing
the dressers ..... stunning
i don't know what else i could say to even justify how great that room came out!!!!!

2/18/2011 11:20:58 am

All it needs is for you to put your magic touch on the trim work, i cant wait to see that!

2/18/2011 11:11:28 pm

Its definately different.


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