This will be short because it's nearly 10 p.m. and I still have a lot to do before I can go to bed. And as usual, it's my own fault for trying to juggle too many things and procrastinating a great deal in between. I can really only do one or the other: lots of things or procrastinate. Not both. But I always do. And so here I am. :(
In the last 48 hours I:

- tore apart our guest bathroom without a solid plan of how to put it back together
- trapped Colby the Wild Basement Cat and got him to the vet... only to be told he's too feral to ever be a pet
- put the wrong address into my GPS and was late for my OB appointment (never mind the fact that I've been there about 5 times already and it's only 25 minutes away, I somehow still managed to get lost)
- drank too much orange juice
- snapped off two of my (real!) nails
- downloaded a malware program that took 3 hours to disable and delete
- was kicked near-constantly, sometimes so hard it startled me

Everything will be ok, I know. None of these things are out of my control - I'm just tired and feel like complaining. So there. I complained.

And now: homework. Or: leave it til tomorrow morning.

Guess which one I'll do?


Also, unrelated - thank you to everyone for the kind comments in my last couple posts. If I could figure out how to comment back to you, I would.

- Antiope

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