Suddenly feeling a little woozy, so I'm just going to post my (completely! homemade!) menu for tomorrow and then take my behind to bed. :(

Breakfast: Cranberry-Pear Crunch Cereal (quinoa, soy milk, pear, sunflower seeds, almonds, cranberies, nutmeg)

Lunch: Golden Tofu on Toast (tofu, Dijon mustard, toast)

Dinner: High-Protein Pasta (penne, homemade sauce, tofu)

Three very easy meals to start out with. Even the homemade sauce won't be that bad.

There are some things I couldn't find at Whole Foods today, so I'll need to go out at some point to pick them up, but otherwise, planning an easy day tomorrow. Would like to work on the nursery, will see how I feel. Better, I hope. :(

- Antiope

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