Yesterday we had the baby's 1 year photos done. I was a little worried, considering what a disaster it was trying to get the holiday ones done, but he was great and I'm really happy with the way they turned out. We ordered a whole bunch of prints and will be mailing them out to everyone once they come in.

In other photo news, Weebly was having issues last night so I wasn't able to post yesterday's photo until this morning. You can see it here. Now that I've gotten past feeling like the photo-of-the-day is a chore (ok, I sometimes still feel like this), I am really enjoying this project. It's nice to touch the camera everyday, and I feel like I'm getting better. The lack of obvious subjects around the house forces me to be more creative. I do look forward to the end, though - we'll have a great collection of photos that tell the story of 2012.

Ok, have to jump in the shower and get to work. Did I mention that this week is spring break and we don't have any classes?? Theseus and I are going on a date tonight while Austin is with the babysitter. Magical.

- Antiope

Just a quick note, because I'm exhausted and my eyes are burning.

I updated my photo blog! Also, on the first day of each month, I am going to change out the Home photo and add a new self-portrait on the About page. So I did that today, too. This way, the Home page will be seasonal and I'll get to see myself age a month at a time for a year.

That is all. :)

- Antiope

So - I've been trolling through the internet, checking out other people who are taking 366 days of photos like I am. And you know? I'm doing a pretty lame job. Granted, I am not a professional photographer, but I'd say I'm not exactly an amateur either. I can do better than what I've been putting up. 

Oh and my accessories came in today: a 57'' tripod, a little spider tripod and a monopod. I used the tripod for today's photo; having something to stabilize the camera allows you to take photos in low light without having to use the flash. My D200 has a flash attached to it, but it's not very good. I mean, it's ok, it does its job - kind of like stock car speakers. They work fine unless you want to get crazy. Ideally I'd like to get a Speedlight (my camera is compatible with external flashes), but then I'll still have to reteach myself how to use it. All of the photos in my photo blog have been taken without a flash, except for the faucet. Using a flash is introducing a whole other art form that I'm not very good at.

But anyway, blah blah camera stuff, right? The point is: I have been putting up bland photos and I know I can do better.

Ok, Patriots game. More tomorrow.

- Antiope

I started this post, then saved it as a draft... came back to it, added some, saved it again... came back a day later, deleted some, got distracted... here I am four days later. I have nothing of value to add at this point and I lost my train of thought so here is my crappy, disjointed post. I just want it to go away. :(




Ack! Would you believe I'm actually a little nervous to share my photo project with you? 

So - bear with me - it's still a little skeletal, and I'm not 100% satisfied with the home page photo, but I needed to put things in as placeholders. It will come together a little better in the coming weeks, I promise. Sorry! I created it last night in about 30 minutes while eating s'mores and waiting for the ball to drop. I was pretty distracted.

But. Here it is: The photos will be added in the Photos tab on the left side (no way, right?). Today's is already up.

I also added a link on the right side of this blog, under my photo and little bio. ---------------->
See it?
Now go there and tell me what you think! Seriously, I welcome suggestions.

So now you have it, my (overly?) ambitious attempt at taking and posting a photo every day. I think (hope!) it will make me a better shooter, and it will be really fun, I think. Fingers crossed that I'll make it to Dec 31!*

Oh and something else, a word of warning: This blog is due for a makeover. The photo on the top of the page (not mine) is a sunflower, and it's freakin January! So sometime in the near future I'll redo the design here. And Theseus has informed me that my Family section is outdated (guilty!) so I'll update that, too. Also the homepage here has all old photos. And the Blogroll is probably terrible as well, but it's been so long since I looked at it... maybe I'll just delete it, who knows.

Welp. Good night!


*Or actually, Dec 21, since that's when the world is ending.

- Antiope

Yikes, this blog is pretty dusty. Sorry I have been away so long - the weeks leading up to Christmas were hectic as we tried to split and stack wood for our fireplace, rake and get the garden ready for the winter (still not done...). Oh and shopping, selling textbooks on Amazon and preparing for the trek to the icy North.

Now we're back in Nj recovering from the excursion... fire burning in the living room, the History Channel on tv, feet up on the couch. Theseus made breakfast quesadillas for dinner (yum!) and then we gave the baby a bath. He has a new bath toy from my grandmother - a whale that floats around and spouts up water - and he really enjoyed it. He's sleeping now... it's nice to be home.

All of these things happened this week! (the tomato was happening for some time, actually)

We had an exciting weekend! And it all involved food. Hmm, I'm sensing a trend...

Friday night Theseus returned from the grocery store with supplies to make our own ice cream. He bought me an ice cream maker for my birthday two years ago that we had never used, which we placed in the kitchen sink and put to work. Thirty minutes later: homemade vanilla ice cream! It was incredibly good. I say was, because it didn't last long enough to be photographed. He added it to peach flambé and whipped cream (also homemade). It was divine. Next time he wants to try a mocha chocolate chip, but I think the citrus orange recipe from our ice cream maker's website looks really yummy. And now you know we made 2 quarts of ice cream and ate it all in less than 3 days. Don't judge us!

I know I've kept you waiting - sorry!! Things have been hectic around here.

But I'm happy to present... the freshly-painted nursery!

I'm not usually at a loss when it comes to home decor, except for the baby's room. For every other room in our house, I have a pretty good idea of how I would like it to look - general color scheme, a way to make it flow into/from connected rooms, what kind of furniture I'd like, etc.

Now. For those of you who have actually seen my house, you'll see that while there might not be a shortage of ideas, there is definitely a shortage of manpower. Much of our house remains in the condition it was in when we bought it, over a year ago. Come home, Theseus!! Seriously, when he gets back, this place will be awesome. You'll see.