Category: Kittens - A Lesson in Patience
The wonderful woman from the rescue group I've been corresponding with sent me a short email on Monday:

Hi [Antiope]!
Looks like we will be able to take Mushroom into Petsmart this week.  Is Wednesday night good for you?

Yes! Yes!!!
Well, I didn't mean for this to turn into a cat blog - I do have a life outside of the cats, I swear! - but lately they have been taking up a lot of my time. The two technicians at the vet who share receptionist responsibilities know my voice when I call and no longer ask for my name. Yikes.
I debated for awhile whether I should post this or not, seeing as my blog is usually pretty lukewarm. But maybe this can balance out some of the boring "look at me, I acted like an grown-up today" posts, and, well - this is my blog, I don't want to censor myself. And yesterday I was angry. So here it is (kind of long).
Oh happy day! I got a very encouraging email today and danced around my living room. Res-Q-Pets is willing to help me find homes for the kittens!!!
So, an update - I now have three homeless kittens sheltered in my basement. It is now too cold for them to stay outside overnight, especially when it rains all night (like last night), and I will be absolutely heartbroken if I go outside in the morning to find they froze to death in my back yard.