The semester is ---- OVER! I'm so happy I could puke. I ended up with 4 As, a B+ and a B. Not my best work, but still pretty good considering I was working full time and have a toddler at home.

Also: can you believe he's a toddler now?? Where does the time go?

And I finally updated my photo blog. I'd been keeping up with taking the photos every day but got way lazy with posting them. I'm all caught up now, and will resume taking/posting daily.

That's it. Expect to see me around here more frequently. Probably.

- Antiope

Theseus and the baby left this morning for MA so Theseus can begin the process to become a fire fighter.* Tomorrow is the physical portion (obstacle course, etc) and next weekend is the written exam. My poor car is seeing a lot of miles this month.

I only have a few weeks of school left, can you believe it? Soon I'll be done with this punishing schedule and will be able to have a bit of a life again. So much we want to accomplish this summer - the garden, rebuilding the porch, painting the spare bedroom and bathroom, painting our bedroom and bathroom - and none of it would be possible with the class-load we currently have. I'm going to scream until I puke when this semester is finally done.

So I have the house to myself until tomorrow night (or possibly Tuesday, depending on how it goes with Theseus tomorrow). I have to drive out to my school at some point before 3:00 so I can take a biotechnology exam, then I really should work on physics as I have a test on Wednesday and really need to do good if I want to get an A for the class. Some of the stress this semester has caused me to freeze up a few times, so I haven't been putting in the effort that I should have been. It'll be alright, though. It's almost over.


*If you remember, Theseus has already taken the civil service exam/completed the obstacle course in NJ, but the process takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and since our goal is to be back in MA within two years, it only makes sense for him to do this now. And we're prepared to have him move back to MA ahead of me which I finish up at Drexel, if that's what it takes. 

- Antiope

Also, this:

- Antiope

Two weeks ago was spring break - we are over the halfway mark of the semester. As I type this, we have 7 weeks left of school, including finals week.

7 weeks seems so far away when I think about all the work that stands between me and the end of the semester. I have chapters to read, papers to write, problems to solve. I'm rapidly losing energy and motivation. Doesn't it seem like this point comes earlier and earlier each semester? I so look forward to the summer with my light schedule of only 3 classes, the least I've taken since I began. And then in the fall I'll be off orders and can focus my attention on Drexel. And on the rest of my life...

When I say this isn't easy, please understand what an understatement that is. This is the hardest thing I have ever done - harder than basic training, harder than the deployment, harder than carrying a baby for 9 months. It sucks. I am constantly tired and worried about not having enough time in the day to do everything I have to do (I never have enough time). I am always stealing bits of time to finish up other tasks, like folding laundry during my lunch break or cramming for an exam while stopped at a red light. I miss the baby and Theseus terribly and hate that I am missing out on so much of their lives right now. I can never look forward to the end of the work day because I don't get to go home; instead I'm on the way to school, eating a granola bar in my car, alone.

I'm just feeling sorry for myself and I apologize that I've made you read this little pity party. I'll feel better soon. In 7 weeks... but who's counting?

- Antiope

Because I've been too sick/busy/apathetic to shave them.

It's true.



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We survived the first complete week of school. The baby is finally feeling better and loves his Monday night babysitter. I have worked out my place in my new unit. Theseus received a job inquiry from a firehouse near our school. T came to visit for the weekend. I've lost 8 lbs since the New Year. The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl.

I have found my happy place. :)

- Antiope

The spring semester started last Friday. Cue the panic attacks.

Looking ahead at all the work I need to do between now and May... I just want to cry. Six classes is too much, on top of working full time (with no concrete hours) and caring for a 10-month old. The worst thing, though, is that I didn't really have a choice. In order to get into Drexel's biological sciences program this fall, I had to have a heavy load this semester. If I didn't (and tried to spread out the classes), I would set myself a whole year behind, as they only accept applicants for the program for the fall. So then the employment/school situation wouldn't line up: instead of going to school full time during the day in the fall, I'd have to find another job and wouldn't be able to rely on the GI Bill for financial help because I wouldn't be in school full time. Does that make your head hurt? Because mine hurts from typing it.

Theseus keeps telling me that we have to work hard and be kind of miserable now so we don't have to be miserable for our whole lives. That's not so comforting when you are staring crushing misery in the face.


- Antiope

1. A friend shared two very cool links today on Facebook, so I thought I would pass them along: Academic Earth offers free online college courses - entire classes! - in the form of video presentations. You won't get credit for watching the courses obviously, but you can use them to supplement classes you are already taking or to increase your understanding of topics you are having trouble with. The other site, Khan Academy, also offers free online courses but is geared toward K-12.

B+ in chemistry lab.

So long, 4.0.


- Antiope

My! Orders! Start! January 9!


And another happy announcement: Theseus got confirmation that the fire department letters were mailed yesterday. So we'll hear something on that by the end of this week!

I'm so happy and relieved - I might throw up! Now I can stop feeling guilty for buying a coffee before school or worrying how expensive diapers are. Theseus and I have been waiting anxiously for this news for weeks (months, actually) and now, finally...

Because of the time I've already spent on mobilization orders within the US, I only have 250 days on my "clock." So that's about 8 months; if my math is correct, these orders should carry me to September 15. And that's perfect, because it will almost seamlessly lead into the fall semester (there's a little overlap, but I'll make it work). I know I still owe you all a post about that - maybe tomorrow? It feels a little easier to write about school now that I know I'll have employment to back up the committment.

As far as the fire department, we don't know what exactly it means for us - we don't know when Theseus would start, where/how long he'd have to go for training, what the hours would be like, etc. But knowing is always better than not knowing, and I am confident we will be able to tackle whatever new challenges it brings.

Wow. I really feel lighter. This has been a fantastic day. :)

- Antiope