Cat lady - A Lesson in Patience
So, an update - I now have three homeless kittens sheltered in my basement. It is now too cold for them to stay outside overnight, especially when it rains all night (like last night), and I will be absolutely heartbroken if I go outside in the morning to find they froze to death in my back yard.
For the last week, only one would come in and stay the night, but tonight all three of them came in [originally there were four kittens, and maybe there still are, but I haven't seen the fourth in about two weeks]. Two of the kittens will let me pet them; one will jump into my lap. I'm still working on the other one, but he/she will come around.

I don't intend to keep them all (I promise) but I'm having A LOT of trouble finding an organization that will help me. I've tried our local animal control (left numerous messages, no return calls), local shelter (will only take animals if dropped off by the animal shelter, also they euthanize ferals), and a volunteer-run animal alliance (foster homes are full, subsequent emails went unreturned). Tonight I sent an email to a rescue group my vet recommended. Hopefully they can help. My last resort is a fantastic organization in MA that would take them - but it's in MA. So. Hopefully I won't have to drive them all the way up there.

They are feral, in the technical sense, I suppose. But kittens are very easy to socialize - I can't just give up on them. And besides, if they did make it through the winter outside, next spring there would just be more kittens. There is no trap-neuter-release program in this area.

So yes, I did what you are not supposed to do - I fed some strays, and then let them in my basement, and now they are my responsibility. I'm ok with that.

- Antiope

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