And you know? I didn't enjoy it. :(

I really thought going back to work was going to be great. (I haven't had a job since the end of July, so I've had plenty of time to think about it.) And going to school full time is harder than working full time - this is what I keep telling everyone. Turns out I forgot how tiring/frustrating/soul-crushingly-boring work can be.

I'm on active duty orders again, this time in a different unit with a completely different mission. The people I work with are mostly ok - they take care of me but are kind of juvenile - and I'm still really close to home. These are good things.

But I hate being away from the baby and I hate having to rely on the Army for employment. I'm so sick of it; I would get out tomorrow if I could. For the time being, though, I (we) don't have any other options. So I lace up my boots and put a smile on my face.

Being a responsible adult sucks sometimes. :(

- Antiope

5/3/2011 06:29:53 am

i agree, being responsible SUCK!!!!
so i have a great plan....... i think it'll work too!!!!!
lets move

hey sounds good to me
i can sit on the beach all day making baskets out of banana leaves
Austin can tend bar
and you can just hang out being beautiful!!!

i think we should do it!
i'll work on tickets today

7/12/2012 02:49:57 am

THX for info


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