Blog Archives - A Lesson in Patience
Tipped over another glass of water in the living room.

Kitchen trash bag tore open as I was carrying it outside.

School counselor told me I cannot test out of the next (and final) level of non-credit Algebra, so I have to take it next semester. More time wasted.

Everything I ate tasted like the color beige.

Accidently bought non-clumping cat litter, because it was cheaper and I didn't look closely at the packaging.

It is nearly 7:30 p.m. and I still have at least 3 hours of Religion reading left to do.


- Antiope




Ran out of cat food during the night and was woken by three hungry cats stepping on me, two hours before I actually had to get up.

Pouring and I still haven't bought an umbrella - drenched by the time I got into school.

Asked my favorite professor which history class he is teaching in the spring so I could try to take it, only to be told he is retiring after this semester.

Theseus was a giant grump on the phone.

Burned two bags of popcorn and then tipped over a full glass of water on the carpet.


- Antiope

A working list of seeds for our garden in the spring...

[this may not be at all interesting to anyone; feel free to skip this post]

So... you're a boy! Of course, you already knew that, but it was exciting for me and your dad to find out yesterday.

You were sleeping for most of the ultrasound, so it was very easy for the technician to get all her measurements. She said you are just the right size! She showed me your legs and little feet, and just like last time, you kept one of your hands near your face. She took some more pictures for me - I'm going to have them all framed and hang them in your room. You'll be able to see them yourself in a few months.

Since your dad couldn't be there at the appointment with me, I asked the technician to write whether you are a boy or a girl in my notebook and then close it, so your dad and I could read it together later on the phone. He called me while I was driving back to our house and I pulled over at the milkshake place to look in my notebook. It was really a special moment for us. We can't wait to have you here where we can see and hold you.

We are both so excited to meet you!


- Antiope

Oh happy day! I got a very encouraging email today and danced around my living room. Res-Q-Pets is willing to help me find homes for the kittens!!!
So, an update - I now have three homeless kittens sheltered in my basement. It is now too cold for them to stay outside overnight, especially when it rains all night (like last night), and I will be absolutely heartbroken if I go outside in the morning to find they froze to death in my back yard.
Yes, yes I know. I forgot to write my "30 days" wrap up last month. But think of this one then as an extra-special 60 DAYS wrap up!
For the blog, not me. :)
Today has been a blah day, just crawling along at a snail's pace. I'd planned on going shopping for some new sweaters (and maybe a fun hat) but I lost motivation about 15 minutes after I woke up.
It smells wonderful this evening.

It was warmer today than it has been, so I opened a few windows and welcomed in an autumn breeze. Now it is dark and someone across the lake is burning wood. This rural, smokey smell mixed with cooling air makes me miss home so bad I can feel it, as if my homesickness were a thing I could touch and hold.

The summer bugs have not died yet (the open window also brings in their chorus), but autumn is fully here. The leaves are changing. Halloween is in three weeks. I've never thought of this season as a lonely time, but I suppose it is, or maybe I'm just more aware of it this year: alone, some 6,400 miles from Theseus.

I don't mean to be depressing. This season just also makes me spend a lot of time inside my head.