No really, I do. My last post here was apologizing for getting behind in my photo blog, and then I fell even farther behind.

12 days behind, to be exact. But maybe you knew that?

I've now uploaded 7 photos (May 17-23) and am currently taking a break. Taking the photo is the easy part - I haven't had a problem keeping up with that. It's the editing and posting that has been KILLING ME! And the longer it went, the less I wanted to sit down and get caught up.

I'll see how far I get today; the rest I will post tomorrow. Seriously! I miss the blog, to tell the truth. :(


Unrelated, but important: today is Memorial Day. A number of people have sent me texts and Facebook messages, thanking me for my service - while I appreciate the sentiments, today is for the dead, not the living. Thank me on Veteran's Day if you want, but not today.

Today I thank SSG James P. Hunter and SSgt Christopher S. Frost for their service and sacrifice. The world is a little darker without them in it.

- Antiope

The semester is ---- OVER! I'm so happy I could puke. I ended up with 4 As, a B+ and a B. Not my best work, but still pretty good considering I was working full time and have a toddler at home.

Also: can you believe he's a toddler now?? Where does the time go?

And I finally updated my photo blog. I'd been keeping up with taking the photos every day but got way lazy with posting them. I'm all caught up now, and will resume taking/posting daily.

That's it. Expect to see me around here more frequently. Probably.

- Antiope