Blog Archives - A Lesson in Patience
...I will learn how to knit.
...I will walk across a stage in a cap and gown.
...I will perfect our homemade tomato sauce recipe.
...I will have a job that isn't connected to the military.
...I will see Austin off to school, and be there when he gets home.
...I will have the time to paint my toenails.
...I will grow my own peppermint and brew my own tea.
...I will be able to enjoy a show in NYC with my husband.
...I will feel the sun on my shoulders in a perfect heirloom garden.
...I will take classes for pleasure instead of necessity.
...I will know this struggle has been worth it.

Someday I will breathe  easily.

- Antiope

Because I've been too sick/busy/apathetic to shave them.

It's true.
Just a quick note, because I'm exhausted and my eyes are burning.

I updated my photo blog! Also, on the first day of each month, I am going to change out the Home photo and add a new self-portrait on the About page. So I did that today, too. This way, the Home page will be seasonal and I'll get to see myself age a month at a time for a year.

That is all. :)

- Antiope