When I was a teenager, the only way I could fall asleep was if my room was completely silent and pitch-black - I even went so far as to pull the shades to keep the moonlight out. Also had to have my hair down, no jewelry, no pajama pants, and definitely no socks. Plus I had to have my pillow, not just any old bag of feathers or foam.

Any deviation = no sleep.
Can't wait for you to come home, Theseus. I miss you so much. :(

- Antiope

Oh, did I tell you? I was asked to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which recognizes the achievements of two-year college students. My college's chaper is Chi Iota. I'm very excited about this! I've worked very hard for my 4.0, and it's going to feel great to wear the PTK stole with my graduation gown next spring. :)
Today is making me feel very blah. It's cold and damp and monochrome. I'm thirsty but I don't even have the motivation to get out of the chair and walk to the kitchen. If this day were a person, it would be a vampire. Etc, etc.

Saw the OB again this morning - he pressed on me and said the baby is in the head-down position and that everything is going great. "Not much longer now," he said, as if the next three weeks aren't going to last an eternity. This was my last bi-weekly appointment; I'm on weekly appointments from here on out, so that's good.

Other than that, a pretty boring day. Drank some hot chocolate. Planted cabbage and soy bean seeds. Talked to Theseus. Fed and rotated the compost bin.

For the rest of the day: maybe laundry, maybe some Anthropology work, maybe a nap.


- Antiope

"You thought wrong," said my laptop.


- Antiope

Today it reached the mid 60s, which was so wonderful I could have cried. You don't realize how yucky the cold weather makes you feel until you have a really nice day. The air smelled so great and I was even able to keep the front door open for a little while.

T and I walked around in the back yard and started to talk about plans for the garden. It's going to be huge, did I tell you? :) I also threw some expired food into the compost bin and gave that a couple turns. All the bugs that were munching the compost in the fall (back when I kept up with it) are dead now, but hopefully with the new food, more will come in and get to work. I'm very excited to mix it into the garden.
Has it seriously been another 30 days already?
I know I've kept you waiting - sorry!! Things have been hectic around here.

But I'm happy to present... the freshly-painted nursery!
Wouldn't mind being in Florida right about now. :/

- Antiope

Not away in real life, but away from this blog (but you already knew that). I did try to post something yesterday, but Weebly (my blog host) wasn't working and I couldn't log in. Before that I was working on a mini-journal post of my first week without shampoo, but then it got too boring so I scrapped it.

The cliff-notes version of my shampoo-less week: awesome. It's now been 11 days without shampoo; I'm never going back!

What else did I do?