I spent today with two people so filled with racism, ignorance, hate and misogyny (and one of them is a woman!), it drained all of my energy. (Vampires?) I could barely keep my head up on my drive home from work.

Maybe it's this part of the country, maybe it's who the military attracts, maybe I'm just unlucky enough to keep meeting horrible people - I don't know, but you wouldn't believe the vile things I've had people tell me since we moved here. Today I was told all the reasons black people shouldn't be in Broadway musicals, ending with the conclusion that they should just accept they will always be second class citizens. People still think like this?!

Most unfortunately, I have to continue to work with these two people until my orders are up next month. Everyone keeps asking me why I don't want to stay on for another year. I never know whether to laugh or punch them in the face. That place is toxic; I feel so unhealthy when I'm there. July 31 can't come soon enough.

- Antiope

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