I'm feeling quite a bit better lately (certainly better than the last time I wrote).

The hip pain has largely gone away (for now?). I've had heartburn exactly twice (and might not have been related to the baby). I've learned to regulate my liquid intake (small drinks throughout the day rather than waiting until I'm parched and then chugging an entire gallon of water/orange juice) so that has mostly taken care of the shortness of breath and having to get up to pee during the night. No swollen hands/feet. No stretch marks (knock! on! wood!).
So my only real complaint is the fatigue. Some days I'm fine, other days I get tired from just sitting. Greatly looking forward to not feeling like I'm 150 years old.

In other baby news - I decided on colors for the nursery! I'm not going to describe my master plan just yet - so I don't jinx myself - but I really think it will look awesome. It's not going to be like anything I've seen online, and I've looked for hours. So far I only have the paint (still in the paint can) and the curtains (hanging - I love them!!). I'll post some photos as it comes together. :)

53 days to go.

- Antiope

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