Has it seriously been another 30 days already?
The last 30 days, by the numbers:*

- times I got to shake Martha Stewart's hand: 0
- trips to NY: 1
- trips to Philadelphia: 1
- snow days: 1.5
- books sold on Amazon: 3
- crepes eaten: 4
- weeks of winter left, according to Punxsutawney Phil: not 6
- vegetables started: 7
- non-vegetable plants currently living in my house: 8
- $ spent on cookies at the Amish market for Theseus: $15.75
- days without shampoo: 19
- hours of Anthropology coursework: 20
- days until the baby gets here: 28
- times I procrastinated about something: 2,000
- cups of tea: 5,999,999,999
- inches of precipitation: 6,000,000,000

*where are these numbers coming from?? no one knows


Due to some other, pressing matters I will be tending to on March 16, the next 30-day wrap-up may happen early, late, or not at all. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
                                                                - the Management

- Antiope



02/18/2011 9:57am

dear management
please be sure that there is another monthly up date
95% of people in 28 different markets thoroughly enjoy the updates
-the nation

*figures were provided my the myan's


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